The Great Canaries coffee table book is finished!

Niclas Gustafsson

The Great Canaries coffee table book is finally finished!

It’s been a quite an adventure! From the decision to create The Great Canaries Coffee Table Book to showcase a different view of the Canary Islands. To actually shipping the pre-orders of “The Great Canaries” (which was done last week!)

It’s been a interesting journey as well. Sorting through thousands of photos (Thank god for Adobe Lightroom). Getting to know Kickstarter from a project creator perspective. And at the same time trying to keep the economy of the project under control (believe me, there’s no upper limit on what a Photo album / fine art book can cost to produce).

The Great Canaries Coffee Table Book

The Kickstarter Edition – with a lay flat binding

In the end I decided to create two editions of the book, one a bit more premium: the “kickstarter edition” (above) as well as a hardcover version (below) that can perhaps compete price wise with some of the coffeetable books out there…

The Great Canaries Coffee Table Book

Hardcover edition of The Great Canaries Coffee Table Book

The hardcover edition


Lay Flat binding used in the Kickstarter edtion

The book is now available for purchase here on the site (only place to get your Kickstarter edition signed). Or through quite a few Nordic retailers (Bokus for example – preferable for Swedish/Nordic customers) or from Amazon for the rest of you đŸ˜‰ Links below:

The Kickstarter Edition at Amazon or at Bokus

The Hardcover Edtion: At Amazon or at Bokus



Thanks for all of you that have participated, whetere it be as Kickstarter backers, pre-orderers, encouraging tweets, facebook comments, blog posts or just cheering on and keeping the work going!

I have already started to plan for the next coffee table book. More about that in 2016, feel free to guess what’s the theme will be though. đŸ˜‰

For more information, click to links below:

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    The Great Canaries – Hardcover

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  • Sale!

    The Great Canaries – Kickstarter Edition (Hardcover)

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