On top of the world from La Palma

The Milky Way over the Caldera de Taburiente

On top of the world from La Palma, “the green island” or “La Isla Bonita”

This island is the most north-westerly in the Canary Island group. Not to be mistaken for Las Palmas (Gran Canaria) or Palma (de Mallorca) – all in Spain and all popular tourist destinations.

I have to admit I’ve been throwing glances toward this small island in the Atlantic for quite some time. And now I finally had the oppurtunity to go, to collect some landscape images for the book The Great Canaries.
One of the two reasons for my interest is the same as the one that lures numerous of astrologers and reseachers of deep space to the island of La Palma. The Sky Law of the Canary Island keeps light pollution at bay. And the height of the mountains around Los Mucachos gets you closer to space.
The other reason is the nickname “the green island”. La Palma is the one with the most diverse plant life of the seven islands.

Below are some photos from my last week. (Click for larger versions)


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