Fuerteventura Landscapes

Break on through

I recently got back from the Canary Islands, this time from Fuerteventura and it’s great landscapes. I enjoy the variety of scenery¬†Fuerteventura¬† has to offer for landscape photography, it’s astonishing: Long sandy beaches with desert-like dunes to the volcano-rocky moon-like landscapes. And when the sun sets, it offers some excellent possibilities for night sky photography, finding a pitch dark spot to shoot the sky isn’t that difficult as they are very restrictive of street & city lights. They even made a law “the sky law” which helps keep light pollution to a minimum, just to keep the night sky clear. One of the other islands, La Palma, is home to the advanced observatory Roque de los Muchachos Observatory.

Below are some photos from this trip (click for larger images).