January 2015


Wanderlust. It comes in different forms, just the other day I was going through the some nature and wildlife images I shot last year and the feeling of wanderlust grew for each shot. As I sifted through and found some overlooked gems, the wanderlust feeling kept growing on me, I…

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Summer Wedding

So, did I mention I’m feeling hopeless behind on updating this site? Lately I’ve been getting some (kind) reminders that I should really show more of what I’ve captured. Last couple of weeks I’ve been putting together a couple of posts and I thought: why stop now? I’ll probably run…

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Maternity Photography

Just the other day I had the great opportunity to capture some maternity photos that I hope will become precious memories for many years to come. For me, Maternity Photography, is more than shooting a belly bump. It is about creating memories that will last a long time, maybe a…

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Christening in Sofia Church

Allthough the statistics seems clear: we Swedes visit the church less and less frequently. Anyone been to a service last couple of weeks? Anyone? When we do visit, however, we often do it for a very specific reason, often weddings, christenings. Both these occasions are usually events we that we…

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Fashion Show by the up-and-coming

So, after my trigger finger recovered after the fashion show held by Tillsk√§rarakademin I set out to process the daunting large amount of photos taken. Fashion Shows actually, as there were three shows held that evening just days before Christmas. The first two got fully booked quite fast I was…

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